Paying It Forward

The past few months have brought a few things that are reasons to be thankful in disguise.  It took me a while to see them for what they were worth and in doing so, I avoided writing here.  Hard to feel up to inspiring others when you’re struggling with your own inspiration.

My friend, Roxanne, motivated me to write this blog.   As of this morning, I’m pretty sure she’s the unofficial winner of a facebook contest to win a free night’s stay at The Irish Inn, where she and her husband took their most recent vacation.  When I found out she was trying to win, I wanted to help as much as possible.  Even if that meant shamelessly reposting links to the page and asking my friends to help Roxanne out.    Last night, Roxanne and I had a short conversation about “paying it forward” and “what goes around comes around.”  What does “paying it forward” mean to you?  What is “it?” Read the rest of this entry


A Little Piece of Love…and Understanding.

Monday is here again and it’s Valentine’s Day!  Many people see this day as a commercial scam on romance.  Perhaps.  I choose to use it as an extra reminder to share the love I have in my life with those I encounter.  Today’s blog is a picture blog.  5 Things I love.  Post a photo on the fanpage of something you love with your list of 5 things you appreciate today.

Lets get started, shall we?

Aren't I romantic? I love and appreciate my husband.

Read the rest of this entry

Manic Monday

Today I have many many things to be grateful for.  Most importantly, my family!  They’re always there to help us out.  No matter what.  I feel pretty fortunate for that kind of support.  Today’s post is a bit late, as we’re having a minor (soon to be resolved) heating debacle.  However, despite the somewhat chaotic evening and morning we had, I’m still in a good mood.  Why?  Read the rest of this entry

New Year, New Planner

Hooray, we’ve made it to another Monday!  Here is what I appreciate, this morning.  I hope you’ll choose to share your 5, as well.  You an leave a comment here on the blog, or post your 5 on the fanpage on Facebook.  Either way, I really enjoy your participation!  Here’s today’s 5: Read the rest of this entry

Recipe for Happiness

No, I can’t tell you what will make you happy.  I suppose the title is a bit misleading, hmm?  I can tell you what makes me happy and hope it inspires you with your own happy thoughts.  Yeah.  Sounds like hippie rainbows and sunshine, right?  Here’s the deal.  I’m not happy all of the time.  I’d be in a padded cell if that were true.  I am, however, always encouraging positive thoughts no matter my situation.  It’s better for my health and even for others around me.  Did you know that when we worry, we set off a chemical reaction within ourselves that creates more free radical activity in our cells?  Did you know that the stress hormone, Cortisol, tells your body to store abdominal fat (and a myriad of other unhealthy reactions)?  Did you know you can do something about it?  Bobby McFerrin sings about it.  “Don’t worry, be happy!”  We all have a choice to place our focus on the positive or the negative.  Sometimes it’s even easier to go down that negative road.   Who knows how to push your buttons the best?  You.  So what do you do when you see yourself standing at a fork in the road? Read the rest of this entry

Monday, Monday.

Hello, everyone!  We’re at the start of another week – and you know what that means, right?

Time to take a few moments, name 5 things you appreciate today, at this very moment.  Then you share them with us.

5 Things I appreciate today: Read the rest of this entry

Hard To Find, But Lucky To Have

It’s Friday (hurray!) and that means I’m going to share a post with you from a friend.  She added her 5 to the list on Monday.  Everyone’s comments made me smile and I’m grateful.  Becky’s first example struck me. Her son’s hair is something she probably sees every day and there is so much beauty in that!    That observation is the heart of this idea.  To become aware of the beauty and joy around us…everywhere.  There is so much of it to be found in the simplest of places and it is so important to seek it.  That is why I started this blog.  Here is Becky’s post: Read the rest of this entry

I Appreciate Unexpected Twists

I’m a day late and a dollar short.  Really.  Yesterday, our family received some not so good news regarding our beloved VDub’s repairs.  Looks like she’ll be in the shop even longer than we anticipated.  In the chaos of hearing this news and taking appropriate actions, I didn’t get my blog up in a timely fashion. Read the rest of this entry

Here’s What’s Going On

My days are often brighter when I take some time in the morning to reflect upon what makes me happy.  It is all too easy to get caught up in deadlines and “have-tos” and “just-gottas” and yes…even the sneaky “yeah-buts.”  A while back I began posting a regular (mostly – thank you to those who’d remind me if I’d forgotten) status update on my Facebook profile regarding 5 things I appreciated that morning.  I encouraged others to share as well and it has become something I really enjoy doing.

So I thought.  Hmmm.  Why couldn’t more people do this?  If there was access to page to share and inspire, would others join in?  So here it is, friends.   To carry on in tradition, Monday mornings I’ll post a short blog regarding the 5 things I appreciate for the day – and will encourage you to share your five.    Don’t over think it, just post the first 5 things that come to your mind.  There is no wrong answer here.  No pop quiz.  Not only will your thoughts fill you with warm fuzzies  and a finer appreciation for life…but you’ll inspire others with your thoughts.  You’ll remind them of something they  might have missed.  Even better, they’ll do the same for you. Read the rest of this entry